Currently only Russian version is available. English version TBA.


Awakening is a text adventure game, which allows you to take a role of David Drake.

Several years ago, when David was 10, his father William Drake, owner of a transportation company called Westhaven Transocean, has disappeared under unknown circumstances along with other company's executives.

After his father's disappearance, David has been living with his mother. Following his father's steps, David has started studying shipbuilding. A few days ago in the house where he lived was found a cache, containing documents pointing to what seemed like William's secret places. Along them a note has been found, containing an address and a name.

Driven by the idea to find out more, David departs for London...

As the game progresses you will unravel the mystery of William's disappearance; meet crew of Atlantis -- an autonomous underwater station, built by William; Meet a race of underwater inhabitants - the navjiarr; unravel ancient mysteries of the navjiarr and take part in fullfillment of the ancient prophecy.

Project status

Beta version available. It has everything that is intended to be in the full version, but may have more bugs.


Warning!! Spoilers!!

If you have problems with progressing in game you can download the manual here: Awakening, walkthrough



We currently have only videos portraying gameplay in Russian. You can download them via following links:

Awakening, beta trailer

Awakening, preview


Game(excluding soundtrack) is provided via CC BY SA 4.0 license.

Game contains music from following artists:

Old versions

All public versions of the game are available here.