KCDEmu is a GUI [1] for CDEmu Daemon(https://cdemu.sourceforge.io/).

Version 1.0.0 has following features:
  • Mouse-driven interface with drag & drop support
    • Click on a tray icon with right mouse button to open up a menu
    • Click on a tray icon with left mouse button to toggle window
    • Drag&Drop files from your file manager to a drive icon in the window to mount the image
    • Click on an empty drive icon in the window to select a file using standard dialog
    • Click on a full drive icon in the window to unmount the disk and remove it from the drive
  • Configurable window position, size and icons
  • Auto-start CDEmu and restore it's state on KCDEmu start
[1]Graphical User Interface


  • Window

  • Window menu (when right-clicked)

    Window menu (when right-clicked)
  • Tray menu

    Tray menu

System requirements

  • Compatible with CDEmu>=3.1.0
  • Written in Python 3.5. May work on an earlier version but this is not guaranteed
  • Uses Qt5 and PyQt5

License information

Uses Qt5 https://www.qt.io/

Uses PyQt5 https://www.riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/intro

Built-in icons by http://www.fatcow.com/free-icons

This program is licensed with GNU GPL v3

Installation and startup

  • If you're using Debian, Ubuntu or some derivative of them -- use packaged version
  • If you are unable to use packaged version follow instructions:
    • Make sure that your system has everything stated in System Requirements above
    • Download package for other platforms
    • Run it with python 3. In console it should look like "python3 kcdemu_1.0.0.zip"