Awakening 0.8.0 Released

Save games from previous versions are incompatible.

Awakening has been updated to 0.8.0.


  • Saving is enabled in nearly all places(except battles and other places where character is endangered)
  • Added Atlantis map for easier navigation
  • Added(restored) radio for communicating with Leviathan crew
  • You can now "recall" the book if you have read it at least once
  • Removed unused objects
  • Lots of text changes
  • Reordered some paths in certain locations to be more logical
  • Changes in game logic in some places
  • Expanded music description in info section.

The game is also available on

If updating from 0.7.5 and lower: Game folder name has been changed. To use old saves, move the from directory ~/.instead/saves/atlantis.idf ~/.instead/saves/awakening.idf

Please report any bugs and issues on our forums and feel free to discuss the game there. You can also contact us via email:

You can download the game here.