A Dragon and the Tower

Status: in development

Genre: Adventure (Text-based)

A Dragon and the Tower is a fantasy text adventure game.

Gameplay is similar to classic INSTEAD games. You will explore the game world, gather and use items, talk to characters, solve puzzles and do much more.


Status: beta

Genre: Adventure (Text-based)

Awakening is a text adventure game, which allows you to take a role of David Drake.

Several years ago, when David was 10, his father William Drake, owner of a transportation company called Westhaven Transocean, has disappeared under unknown circumstances along with other company's executives.

After his father's disappearance, David has been living with his mother. Following his father's steps, David has started studying shipbuilding. A few days ago in the house where he lived was found a cache, containing documents pointing to what seemed like William's secret places. Along them a note has been found, containing an address and a name.