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Category: Awakening

Awakening 0.7.6 Released

Saves from 0.7 versions are compatible.

Awakening has been updated to 0.7.6.

Fixed typos and logical errors.

Fixed improper work of some puzzles.

Game folder name has been changed. To use old saves, move the from directory ~/.instead/saves/atlantis.idf ~/.instead/saves/awakening.idf

Please report …

Category: Awakening

Awakening 0.7.0 Released

Save games from previous versions are incompatible.

Awakening is updated to version 0.7.0.

We have completed everything planned for 0.7. There are major improvements in the game:
  • Music has been added.
  • Graphics have been added wherever needed.
  • Custom theme.
  • Changed some gameplay moments, that we believe to …
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