Ping - January 2019

Hey! You're banjaxed!

Hey! You're screwed!

And death is coming for you!

Trapped on an island, lost at sea!

Shipwrecked, you'll cease to be!


Hi everyone.

January is over, and you still see no Awakening 1.0. No, we are not dead, we are working on it, but it appears that we'll have to change our schedule.

First of all -- Awakening will be released in 2019. Probably in two or three months.

We will release version 0.5 soon(probably in one or two weeks), which will include lots of important fixes.

After that, we'll switch to adding missing content which will, most probably be released as one bulk in 0.6.

And after some testing we will finally release 1.0.

Other projects' schedules are not changed - we still plan on releasing some stuff before the end of march, 2019.

See you in febrary.