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Ping - Июнь 2021 - Cursed old forest

Hi everyone!

We have released a new game -- Cursed Old Forest. A caravan of a trader, who decided to journey through The Dark Forest has a lot of perils waiting for it. It's up to you to help Vivar reach his goal. The game is only available in Russian

Ping - March 2021 - Site update, plans and changes

Hello everyone!

Last month was not easy -- reality has insistently intruded into my comfy nest and required my attention. This is the reason we have fewer news, than we would like, but nonetheless -- here they are. Look inside for details.

Ping - November 2020 - A small video on A Dragon and the Tower

Hello everyone!

We have made a small video on our next game. It will show you some new things.

Ping - October 2020 - Closing the forums, updating server software, alpha testing of A Dragon and the Tower

Shortly, most important stuff:

The forum is closed

Some services may be unavailable for short periods of time on 24.10.2020

Ping - August 2020 - Participating in Locomotive and releasing Princess Asurja's Morning

Hi everyone!

This time we're a bit late with ping, but we are ready to show you a new game. The game is called Princess Asurja's Morning and is available here. Currently the game is only available in Russian and we have no exact plans on translating it to English …

Ping - June 2019

Hi everyone.

A few moments ago we have published news about finishing work on Awakening 0.7, and this means the game is nearly complete.

-- Wait. That has already been written. In the previous post. Why do we need ping then?

-- Yojj knows.

With these thoughts I decided to change …

Ping - May 2019



Hi everyone.

May is over and we are working on Awakening 0.7. We cannot yet make new version available, but we want to share some of the work done.

I find it very hard to share information about this game beacause I want to avoid spoilers at …

Ping - April 2019

Deep inside of our hearts beat sounds of heavy metal


Hi everyone.

April has passed and we still has nothing to say in ping. You can see that right now a new utility is available KUSBFloppyFormatter, which is very useful for users of retro-computers with floppy drives replaced by …

Ping - March 2019

I wander around the streets so lonely and empty

Lost in a crowd, but I can't hide

Is there a place where I can escape to?

A desert island where I can die

—Dave Brock

Hi everyone.

March is over and we haven't done anything. At least montly "Ping" is …

Ping - February 2019

There is something called tomorrow

Keep it free and safe from harm

It makes you dream and ends your sorrow

Lead them all to understand

—Dol Theeta

Hi everyone.

Febrary got away from us. Awakening 1.0 is still somewhere behind the horizon and we continue work on it.

This …

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