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Ping - May 2024 - A Dragon and the Tower - Beta Test

The time has come to start the beta testing of our game.

If you want to participate, please contact me in any meaningful way.

Depending on the number of testers, I may split the process into waves, to show the fixed game to new people.

As soon as we are …

Ping - September 2022 - The New Beginning

Lives of great men all remind us

We may make our lives sublime

And departing leave behind us

Footprints in the sands of time


Three months have passed since our last message, and, as expected, our actions brought the result. So we have some news:

  • We have resumed working …

Ping - June 2022 - Light at the end of the tunnel

After three months of inactivity, we think it is time to make some announcement. Though we cannot speak confidently about our plans and future, we still can give you some news.

Bad news first:

In the nearest month or two you'll most probably not hear from me -- I am extremely …

Ping - December 2021 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

Sharing news and plans for 2022.

Ping - June 2021 - Cursed old forest

Hi everyone!

We have released a new game -- Cursed Old Forest. A caravan of a trader, who decided to journey through The Dark Forest has a lot of perils waiting for it. It's up to you to help Vivar reach his goal. The game is only available in Russian

Ping - March 2021 - Site update, plans and changes

Hello everyone!

Last month was not easy -- reality has insistently intruded into my comfy nest and required my attention. This is the reason we have fewer news, than we would like, but nonetheless -- here they are. Look inside for details.

Ping - November 2020 - A small video on A Dragon and the Tower

Hello everyone!

We have made a small video on our next game. It will show you some new things.

Ping - October 2020 - Closing the forums, updating server software, alpha testing of A Dragon and the Tower

Shortly, most important stuff:

The forum is closed

Some services may be unavailable for short periods of time on 24.10.2020

Ping - August 2020 - Participating in Locomotive and releasing Princess Asurja's Morning

Hi everyone!

This time we're a bit late with ping, but we are ready to show you a new game. The game is called Princess Asurja's Morning and is available here. Currently the game is only available in Russian and we have no exact plans on translating it to English …

Ping - June 2019

Hi everyone.

A few moments ago we have published news about finishing work on Awakening 0.7, and this means the game is nearly complete.

-- Wait. That has already been written. In the previous post. Why do we need ping then?

-- Yojj knows.

With these thoughts I decided to change …

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