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Ping - June 2021 - Cursed old forest

Hi everyone!

We have released a new game -- Cursed Old Forest. A caravan of a trader, who decided to journey through The Dark Forest has a lot of perils waiting for it. It's up to you to help Vivar reach his goal. The game is only available in Russian

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Ping - August 2020 - Participating in Locomotive and releasing Princess Asurja's Morning

Hi everyone!

This time we're a bit late with ping, but we are ready to show you a new game. The game is called Princess Asurja's Morning and is available here. Currently the game is only available in Russian and we have no exact plans on translating it to English …

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Ping - July 2020 - "A Dragon and the Tower" Announcement

Hello everyone!

We have kept quiet for some time and there is a reason for that. Time has come to tell you about a new game, that we are making together with Sabra Naikomy.

A Dragon and the Tower

You are a dragon. A real one -- huge, winged, flying and …

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Welcome aboard

Cause if you have a battlecruiser,

Hell, who needs a car?

—Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain

2018 is nearly over and we at last have some good news.

First, we are nearing the end of development of our first game - Awakening.

Right now we are presenting you with a testing …