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Ping - March 2021 - Site update, plans and changes

Hello everyone!

Last month was not easy -- reality has insistently intruded into my comfy nest and required my attention. This is the reason we have fewer news, than we would like, but nonetheless -- here they are. Look inside for details.

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Ping - October 2020 - Closing the forums, updating server software, alpha testing of A Dragon and the Tower

Shortly, most important stuff:

The forum is closed

Some services may be unavailable for short periods of time on 24.10.2020

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Welcome aboard

Cause if you have a battlecruiser,

Hell, who needs a car?

—Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain

2018 is nearly over and we at last have some good news.

First, we are nearing the end of development of our first game - Awakening.

Right now we are presenting you with a testing …