Ping - March 2021 - Site update, plans and changes

Hello everyone!

Last month was not easy -- reality has insistently intruded into my comfy nest and required my attention. This is the reason we have fewer news, than we would like, but nonetheless -- here they are.

In the end of the last year we started to think about redesigning our site. There are several reasons for this:

  • Horizontal meny is not very convenient when there are too many elements. Nested menus can be made only by drop-out lists, and this will not work in some browsers(Netsurf, for example).
  • Overwhelmingly heavy background image 200 kilobytes in size. That's about 20 times larger than Awakening's page!
  • A constantly growing heap of files in corresponding directory.

You are looking at the result of our work and here is the list of changes:

  • Replaced background with a repeated pattern. As a result, we have changed appearance of the blocks: we have removed transparent background, but have added frame borders.
  • We've moved menu to the left part of the screen and separated it in logical blocks: language, main menu, news feeds. Headline is now only used to display site and current page name.
  • For your convenience we have added pages with lists of tags and categories to the main menu.
  • Now we fully support RSS and Atom feeds for both full list of news and for separate categories and tags.
  • Files were moved to, carefully put in folders and are available for navigation.
  • "Archives" section added for materials we do not own, but which have historical value.
  • We have added "Our friends" section to "About us" page with links to friendly resources.
  • We have added a button which you can put on your site with link to us to "About us" page. (Thanks to Sabra Naikomy for this).

Now about our plans:

  • A Dragon and the Tower is still in development. The game is slowly movig to beta version, but we are unable to give the exact date -- there are still lots of things that need to be done. The game will be released in both English and Russian. It will also be available on some external resouces(All links will be available here).
  • Soon we will update KUSBFF, improve UI and fix it in newer Linux distributions.
  • I have suddenly joined a small event -- a collective writing of parser game(in Russian). We'll see what'll come out of it.

Also, we'll try to remind you of us more often, and we are going to expand our list of materials on different topics.

As always, we are waiting for your response on email.

Thank you for your attention! Until we meet again!