Welcome aboard

Cause if you have a battlecruiser,

Hell, who needs a car?

—Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain

2018 is nearly over and we at last have some good news.

First, we are nearing the end of development of our first game - Awakening.

Right now we are presenting you with a testing version of it. You can download our game here.

Second, we now have our own forums, bug tracker and source-code repository.

What next?

Our nearest plan is to complete Awakening and make it available on this site. ETA: January 2019

Next thing is to make some of our smaller projects available including their source-code. ETA: March 2019

It is very important for us to provide a convinient way to install and update our games and software. First step to this goal will be an apt repository for Debian and Ubuntu with all our packages available. ETA: March 2019

And of course, at least one post a month.