Ping - August 2020 - Participating in Locomotive and releasing Princess Asurja's Morning

Hi everyone!

This time we're a bit late with ping, but we are ready to show you a new game. The game is called Princess Asurja's Morning and is available here. Currently the game is only available in Russian and we have no exact plans on translating it to English(but who knows?). It has no graphics or sound, and it is made specially for Locomotive 6 event(warning, the content under the link is in Russian). Because Locomotive is all about releasing the game in time, I decided to dedicate this game to the topic of Time. You will play as Princess Asurja and will help her to live a very important day in her life and help here finish all her tasks in time.

Maybe, in the future, after participating in more events and making a few more games in the series I'll think about it's further development(and translation to English). But for now this will stay a little experiment. It's up to you to decide if it's successful or not. As always we are waiting for your feedback on our forums or by mail