Ping - July 2020 - "A Dragon and the Tower" Announcement

Hello everyone!

We have kept quiet for some time and there is a reason for that. Time has come to tell you about a new game, that we are making together with Sabra Naikomy.

A Dragon and the Tower

You are a dragon. A real one -- huge, winged, flying and even capable of magic.

For centuries you have been living on Earth. No, not among humans. Dirty and crowded cities of those creatures do not entice you. Moreover, you would have to hide your true nature from them.

Only here, in a system of caves created by your magic, you can be yourself. This place is reliably hidden from eyes of humans and their artificial aides -- radars and satellites.

But the time has come for you to leave your home. The old map, that you've been keeping since times immemorial, is now ready to unravel it's secrets to you!

This will be a small text adventure game, full of puzzles and entirely free.

All information about this game will be available here.