Ping - June 2021 - Cursed old forest

Hi everyone!

We have released a new game -- Cursed Old Forest. A caravan of a trader, who decided to journey through The Dark Forest has a lot of perils waiting for it. It's up to you to help Vivar reach his goal.

This game is made for Locomotive and I have tried to make a small and simple game. This time I tried to make a CYOA-style game, with choices from a fixed list. Journey on a set route with taking various decisions on the way seemed like a good idea to me. It's up to you to decide whether the idea has been successful.

This time I used URQ DOS engine, and yes our new game works on MS-DOS!

As always, we are waiting for your response on email.

This time, exclusively for English-speaking audience I will give some explanation regarding our games.

Currently you see that none of our games are available in a translated form, be it English or any other language. The reason for not translating games is simple -- translation is a huge work, and the games I release usually take some time to update and fix. Having a translation increases all the work being done on text twofold, and I cannot afford that yet. We intend to change that soon with our next release -- A Dragon and the Tower.

Thank you for your attention! Until we meet again!