Ping - June 2022 - Light at the end of the tunnel

After three months of inactivity, we think it is time to make some announcement. Though we cannot speak confidently about our plans and future, we still can give you some news.

Bad news first:

In the nearest month or two you'll most probably not hear from me -- I am extremely busy right now, but I will let you know across all my channels when I have some results.

But I also have some goo news:

First and foremost -- we intend to resume our work on A Dragon and the Tower, and after that -- on our other projects.

Second -- I intend to bring back streams, There will not be a lot of them at first, but at some point we'll get back to a stream per week schedule.

Third -- I intend to write more about non-project related things here, on my Telegram and Twitter channels.

But all of that will come later, and now I have to finish everything required to be able to create worlds again.