Ping - March 2019

I wander around the streets so lonely and empty

Lost in a crowd, but I can't hide

Is there a place where I can escape to?

A desert island where I can die

—Dave Brock

Hi everyone.

March is over and we haven't done anything. At least montly "Ping" is still here. We do not abandon any of our promises, but you'll have to wait a bit.

Awakening 0.6 will be released in two weeks and it will be a complete game in terms of text and plot. We will continue our work on visuals in 0.7, which will slowly get updated to final release in 1.0.

Also, we promised a small utility and an apt-repository and both will happen, but a bit later. Now we can say, that repository will not be available before Awakening 0.7, and the utility will be announced and released in April.