Awakening 0.5.0 Released

Save games from previous versions are incompatible.

Awakening is updated to version 0.5.0.

We have made lots of fixes. We believe it is finally proper to say that this version is stable and safe to play.

We still have lots to do in terms of missing content:
  • we will add some dialogues to make characters and game world more alive. This is our goal for 0.6.0.
  • we intend to work on visual aspects - you can still notice lots of placeholder graphics in 0.5.0. We still use default Instead theme. I hope all this will change in 0.7.0.

When will they be released? "When it is done", but I hope to release 0.6.0 in march or early april and give estimation for 0.7.0 after that.

Please report any bugs and issues on our forums and feel free to discuss the game there. You can also report bugs to our email address:

You can download the game here.