Ping - February 2019

There is something called tomorrow

Keep it free and safe from harm

It makes you dream and ends your sorrow

Lead them all to understand

—Dol Theeta

Hi everyone.

Febrary got away from us. Awakening 1.0 is still somewhere behind the horizon and we continue work on it.

This month we have had two releases:
  • KCDEmu 1.0 - small, but hopefully, not useless project. At the very least, I use it as my main UI for CDEmu.
  • Awakening 0.5 - while game is still far from completion, this version can be played and you can even have fun from it.

What next?

Other plans are unchanged:

We plan to release one small utility in march and prepare apt-repository, so users of Debian, Ubuntu and distributions based on them can easily install our software

Also in march or in early april a new version of Awakening will be released - 0.6. We will add missing dialogues to it.